Nicole Argo Photography: Blog en-us (C) Nicole Argo Photography (Nicole Argo Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:14:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:14:00 GMT Nicole Argo Photography: Blog 120 80 Krista + Matt People that are close to me know that I am very sentimental and a bit of an old soul. I love things and moments that are genuine, authentic, and I am a sucker for all things nostalgic.

When I met with Krista and discussed the details of her wedding, I knew it was going to be absolutely dreamy....and it was...down to the very last detail. From the fact that Matt's dad was the officiant, to the spot they chose as their reception venue.

The reception was held on the glorious property of Krista's grandparents. The flowers were simple, yet so romantic and elegant. The delicious food was made by a local bakery. The wedding favors were adorable succulents that Krista, with her mom, planted in the sweetest glass teacups from various thrift stores. I could seriously go on and on, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Whitney + Ryan | Templeton Landing Wedding Whitney and Ryan live in NYC and decided to have their wedding in Buffalo, which is also Whitney's hometown. When they asked me to be their photographer, I was beyond thrilled. Whitey's family is very dear to my own family and I was so excited to be able to capture this treasured day for them. Their wedding took place on the rooftop of the fantastic Templeton Landing that overlooks the glorious city of Buffalo ( I might be just a little biased) and waterfront. The entire day was jut brimming with beauty and love. 

DSC_5860DSC_5860 DSC_5880DSC_5880 DSC_5888DSC_5888 DSC_5892DSC_5892 DSC_5900DSC_5900 DSC_5934DSC_5934 DSC_5953DSC_5953
DSC_5981DSC_5981 DSC_5977DSC_5977 DSC_6166DSC_6166 DSC_6319DSC_6319 DSC_6317DSC_6317 DSC_6391DSC_6391 DSC_6353DSC_6353 DSC_6350DSC_6350 DSC_6363DSC_6363 DSC_6571DSC_6571 DSC_6569DSC_6569 DSC_6587DSC_6587

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Cassie + Joe | Backyard Grand Island Wedding   While I drove down the long, tree lined drive that led to Cassie and Joe's "backyard" wedding, my jaw dropped....I quickly realized that this was not going to be just your average backyard wedding (which I love too, by the way). The fairytale-like driveway opened up to a stunning home and yard that looked like that of a getaway retreat house. All of the rustic, elegant decor was absolutely dreamy. Even more beautiful than the surroundings and decor, was the love that was so evident between Cassie and Joe. These two are the sweetest, kindest couple and it was  so wonderful to to be able to capture this precious day for them. 

DSC_3931DSC_3931 DSC_3934DSC_3934 DSC_3936DSC_3936 DSC_4049DSC_4049 DSC_3956DSC_3956 DSC_4845DSC_4845 DSC_3993DSC_3993 DSC_4012DSC_4012 DSC_4015DSC_4015 DSC_4058DSC_4058 DSC_4081DSC_4081 DSC_4089DSC_4089 DSC_4306DSC_4306 DSC_4213DSC_4213 DSC_4332DSC_4332 DSC_4553DSC_4553 DSC_4847DSC_4847 DSC_4874DSC_4874 DSC_4894DSC_4894 DSC_4896DSC_4896 DSC_4909DSC_4909 DSC_4915DSC_4915 DSC_4972DSC_4972 DSC_5034DSC_5034

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Jenny + Jeff Jenny and Jeff's wedding day was absolutely beautiful. From my meetings and engagement session with them, I knew it was going to be a fun day, but we were not sure if the weather was going to cooperate. The forecast called for less than desirable weather, but thankfully, the weatherman was wrong that day! It turned out to be nothing short of gorgeous and the weather matched the love of Jenny and Jeff perfectly. 

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