Thank you so much for visiting Nicole Argo Photography. I am a portrait and wedding photographer in Buffalo, N.Y. and serving the surrounding areas.


I think that I have always been in love with photography...the art of capturing a moment that will never be lost. I am very sentimental and have been told that I am an 'old soul', so taking pictures allowed me to be able to hold onto those precious times and revisit them whenever I wanted. I started taking pictures when I was in junior high school, but really became passionate about photography when I lived in Peru for a summer before my freshman year of college. The different culture, beautiful textures, brilliant colors, and gorgeous people lit a fire in me. 


I am so very blessed to share my life with my wonderful husband and our two beautiful children; our gifts from God. After becoming a mommy, my photography became more meaningful. When you become a parent, the fact that time is so fleeting, becomes even more obvious. It feels as though you are in a constant race against time, and taking pictures helps ease the ache of constant change that is always happening.


Traveling to quaint, artistic places is one of my favorite things to do. I love to find different, local places to eat and I LOVE a good cup of strong coffee. I love all things yellow, I love to create beautiful, cozy spaces in my home. I love to read, cook, and above all, I adore spending time with great friends and family over a fantastic meal. 


​Seeing the creativity of others is always inspiring to me and makes me feel so crazy blessed that I am able to do something I love to do and feel passionate about. 


To be able to photograph someone's wedding is one of the greatest honors! I am constantly amazed that I am able to not only witness, but document, one of THE most important days in someone's life....and the fact that I am a complete romantic, doesn't hurt. As a photographer, I love to be able to not only take pictures, but to be there for the bride and make their day easier, to allow them to relax and just soak it all in. I want them to enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT. 


Thank you for stopping by...grab a cup of coffee or tea, and feel free to look around. Contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!